Birth First Doula Service - Empower Your Birth!
As a Labor Doula, I help to empower the mother/family to have the birth experience they desire. I believe in the power of women's bodies and that birth can be joyous. The use of doulas has been proven to decrease the length of labor while increasing mother satisfaction and mother and baby's outcomes. I help with writing a birth plan, providing comfort during birth and assisting breastfeeding if needed. My job is not to make choices for you, but to educate and support you to make the choices you want.
I provide support, comfort and education during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  What this means to each family varies, some need more meetings before birth, others after. You can hire a doula at any point in your pregnancy. I work with what is comfortable for you. All pre- and post-natal appointments are included and my fee remains the same regardless of how long labor lasts. I offer birth doula services to the Denver and Boulder areas as well as there nearby communities.

I enjoy working with families of all kinds! I think families are wonderful regardless of the relationship status, sexual orientation, gender orientation, race, religion, age, or whatever else makes your family beautiful and unique! I am happy to serve your needs and hold your space, whatever that may look like! Empowered families make empowered birthing!

Sliding Scale based on ability to pay for doula services
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Whitney Nichols-Dewey is a certified birth (labor) doula serving the Denver and Boulder areas.
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